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Gallery of G. hansenii produced cellulose material

(Image from Strap et al., 2011)

The item

Wild type G. hansenii produces a cellulose pellicle at the air-medium surface when grown in static liquid culture. This pellicle is formed by the mass secretion of crystalline cellulose microfibrils and has been studied when grown under numerous conditions.

This strain is a microorganism that is unlikely to cause human or animal disease, and is therefore categorized at the lowest biosafety level, group 1.

This is the ATCC page for the strain;

This is the strain on the BCCM site;

BCCM price and shipping costs;

Budget estimation

00:20:29       samb1 | final quote was 55 + 35 EUR                                                                                                         
00:20:37       samb1 | +VAT                                                                                                                                 
00:48:37     tolland | does the shipping include VAT?                                                                                           00:48:44     tolland | whats the final total for the order                                                                                     
00:49:58     tolland | ?py (55+35)*1.2                                                                                                          
00:49:58      biobot | 108.0                                                                                                                    
00:51:41     tolland | ?cur 108 EUR in GBP                                                                                                      
00:51:41      biobot | 108.0 EUR (European Euro ) = 86.2900363636 GBP (U.K. pound sterling )   
  • £86.30


  • £20 - tolland
  • £25 - Czechton
  • £25 - wzdd

Running total: £65

Approximate target: £21.30

References: Strap, J. L., Latos, A., Shim, I. and Bonetta, D. T. (2011) ‘Characterization of Pellicle Inhibition in Gluconacetobacter xylinus 53582 by a Small Molecule, Pellicin, Identified by a Chemical Genetics Screen’, PLoS ONE, 6(12), p. e28015.