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We are looking to purchase a half-decent Jigsaw to replace the very cheap ones that are all in a very sorry state. Pledge opened: 19/05/13

Pledge leader: Sully

The item

Budget estimation

  • £60-70


  • Max Depth of Cut Steel: 6mm
  • Max Depth of Cut Wood: 65mm
  • Pendulum Action/Stages: Yes/3
  • Power: 450W
  • Rating: Industrial
  • Stroke: 18mm
  • Stroke Rate: 500 - 3,100/min
  • Tilting Base: Yes

Additional information

Not a high-end professional one but not the low end cheapies we have now, low end trade grade Jigsaw


  • £12 - Sully YesY Paid
  • £20 - Mark YesY Paid
  • £20 - tgreer YesY Paid
  • £13 Dean Forbes YesY Paid

Running total: £65

Approximate target: £65