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This pledge is suspended as we currently on long term loan a very similar model to the one proposed below

It's likely that this will reappear as a pledge for a much nicer model some time in the next year.

I think that microscopy is a basic requirement for microbiology lab work, much like soldering in electronics. . Pledge opened: 19/09/13

I've had quite a bit of luck using the OMAX researcher microscope that is linked below. The mechanical stage is really quite good, and very pleasant to sweep across a sample looking for interesting features.

I think the microscopy really brings to life the experiments, so I am keen to have one available in the lab.

LLOOOK!!! IT'S A CELLLLLLLLL. And it's Purple. (violet)

The item

This seems to be a similar model to the OMAX and the AmScope, but is supplied by a UK company - The Apex Researcher Microscope by Apex Microscopes 4.9 out of 5 stars (24 customer reviews) with a 2 year guarantee.

£229.00 & this item Delivered FREE in the UK

The Apex Researcher is a laboratory microscope for the serious scientist and those that like to use good equipment. A very robust design with a binocular head with two pairs of widefield eyepieces, x10 and x20. There are four objectives giving a magnification range of x40 to x2000. The best in its class, it also comes with a FREE starters pack of slides and coverslips. The microscope has: - Two pairs of eyepieces x10 and x20 - x4, x10, x40, x100 RMS DIN standard objectives giving magnifications from x40 to x2000 - The objectives are parfocal - Mechanical stage with vernier scales - Separate coarse and fine focus controls - Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm - LED illumination (on models purchased from 01/06/2013 - Field lens for even illumination There are a number of extras available as well: - Photography adapter - Digital camera adapter - Measuring equipment

I've got one of the OMAX models which has a very similar spec to the Apex one above, but had to be shipped from the US.

There are similar spec microscopes, that are also well reviewed, such as this one from AmScope

The OMAX seems to get the best review;

Budget estimation

  • £229

The main issue for these microscopes is that they need to be shipped from the US at a cost of ~65GBP.

In addition, my one had been bumped, and had some superficial damage, so ideally a UK stockist of the above (charging US prices) would be 'moon on stick' good.


  • 20x optical
  • 4 objective lens including 100x
  • 2000x max

Additional information

Not a high-end professional one but one of the better budget microscopes


  • £35 - tolland
  • £25 - Czechton

Running total: £35

Approximate target: £194