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Pledge: Belljar

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To complete the vacuum station project, a bell-jar is needed.

The one for the recently acquired base-plate and pump is listed seperately on ebay and will have more competition that the other parts.

I anticipate the final price may hit £100 or more. Petrol for collecting it will come to about £20.

A new glass belljar from one of the cheaper suppliers (Island Scientific) is £380 plus VAT, and would be much smaller.

If the final price is less than the amount pledged, I will reduce each pledged amount proportionally.


  • Sci - £20
  • kraptv - £10 Paid £6 into Hackspace Account Ref "belljar"
  • Artag - £30 + collection Paid £6 direct to Sci
  • tolland £20 Paid £6 to Sci ref Belljar
  • Jasper £25 Paid
  • AndrewT £15 Paid £6 into Hackspace Account Ref "Belljar"
  • Mark up to £50 if necessary

Pledge goal: £120 or more

Pledge total: £120

Pledges paid: £0