Pledge: Brewing Pump and Piping

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Currently we operate a three tiered brewing setup using gravity to feed the vessels. This is rather cumbersome, requiring lots of space, setup and heavy lifting.

I'd like to buy the required pump, silicon hosing, taps and quick disconnects to allow us to have all 3 vessels on a single flat table. The goal being to eventually build a flat workbench (box steel frame?) for the tuns.

We can start with one pump and consequently re-use the hoses as we won't be able to mash out whilst sparging. eg. HLT->Pump hose can be re used for Mash->Pump. Likewise Pump->Mash(no end fitting), can be used for Pump->Boil

Brew hoses.png

Proposed shopping list

  • 1x Pump: £45
  • 3x Part F Quick Connects: £13.35
  • 4x Part C Quick Connects: £23.80
  • 2x Part A Quick Connects: £8.90
  • 4m Silicon hose: £16.80
  • handful of stainless hose clamps: £5
  • 12V 3A power supply: £10
  • Decent toggle switch/button box thing: £5

Sub-total: £127.85 + shipping

Total: £140 inc. shipping

This is just the bare minimum that we need, if we get more pledges we can buy more hose and fittings and we won't have to keep swapping hoses over during the transfers.



  • Jasper £10 PAID
  • TimR £10
  • Det £30 PAID
  • Ross £30 PAID
  • Russ £30
  • tgreer £10 PAID
  • Phil Senior £10 PAID
  • Cadmus (Tom S) £20 PAID
  • simonvc £20 PAID

Pledge Total: £170

PAID: £130

Pledge Complete! Please use the code "BREWING" when paying your pledge.