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After some discussion we have arrived at the circular saw model we think is most appropriate. Its the Rage 3 saw - and it's quite a beauty. It slides. It tilts. It cuts angles. It makes wordwooking and metalworking insanely quick and easy. Yes, that's right - it cuts metal too (even steel) and it uses the same blade!

This is the same saw which AbbyKatt has at home - so we can attest to its quality. It cuts wood in seconds, and metal only a little slower (much faster than bandsaws and the blade doesn't snap all the time). The blades are readily available (from MachineMart in Shadwell - 3 stops from Hax (And over the road from my flat --jonty)) and only cost £29 each. With this saw it's possible to build really serious projects really quickly. You'll spend more time moving around and marking the materials than you do cutting them.

The item

Rage 3 mitre saw, as suggested by Simon Howes. Also mention in the reviews of the best miter saw.

We could get a different model if anyone has strong views, but this one looks good. Cheaper than the previous suggestion, which failed to reach the pledge target.

Budget estimation

  • Does it take standard blades (not multipurpose) ? It would be kind of annoying if it requires a special sort from a single supplier.


"The world’s first truly multi purpose mitre saw; it cuts steel, aluminium and wood (with even nails left in) with the same blade. An essential addition to any workshop or tool kit, the 'Rage 3' offers accuracy and functionality through materials where it was simply not possible before. Like the other machines utilising RAGE® technology the cut is fast, clean with no burr and virtually no sparks and does not require coolant."

  • 2000 Watt, 230V motor
  • Rail mounted sliding blade carriage for big cross cut capacity
  • Multipurpose 255mm (10") dia. blade included
  • Performs mitre cuts up to 45º left & right
  • Bevels cuts left to 45º
  • Dimensions (LWH) 780x510x600mm
  • Weight 17.8kg


This would need somewhere to go. Maybe by removing the blue bandsaw, which is on loan from Nigle, and the shelf things between the mini-mill and the drill press, then there should be space for it there.

Video of the Saw in Action

This video shows the saw in action - first we cut some wood, and then we cut some 10mmx100mm aluminium. She's fast.


  • £30 -- AbbyKatt
  • £30 -- spooq
  • £15 -- Elliot PAID
  • £50 -- Niels PAID
  • £10 -- SamLR PAID
  • £30 -- Timmmm PAID
  • £35 -- Solexious PAID
  • £10 -- Eithin PAID
  • £20 -- Kal PAID

Running total: £230

Approximate target: £230

Paid: £170


Safety Training is required for this item and will only take about 5 minutes so we intend to fit an E-stop keylock to this machine so that untrained use of the machine is not attempted. This is so no one loses any fingers or is hit by a fast moving piece of metal chucked from the machine. Also, the correct usage means that the blade lasts a very long time.