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This pledge is OVER. We have a cutting table.

To kickstart working on textiles, the hackspace needs something along these lines:

This is a DIY version of a professional cutting table, which is used by costumers and tailors to trace patterns, lay out and cut fabric. I don't have enough flat table space with 360 degree access at home, and I'm guessing many others interested in sewing don't either. I could also, with some care, be used to block knitting.

It needs to be slightly modified to suit the hackspace: it must be storable (since taking up an entire table all the time is unfeasible. I propose building a top sheet consisting of a backing layer underlying cork, to be wrapped in kraft paper in- or ex-situ, which can be clamped onto one of the tables when needed. The clamps will be dedicated to this equipment.

The best solution appears to be mounting it to the ceiling using a of pulley system and storing it flush against the ceiling (but in such a way that no lights are blocked.)

I am not sure what material is best to use as a backing; there doesn't seem to be an equivalent to homosote in the UK. It needs to be available as a single piece the size of a table, be sturdy enough to survive being stored flat in the wood pile, and be light enough to be moved around by one person. Note: Phil kindly found us a large, free, piece of Sundeala.

Sundeala: 900 mm x 1200 mm. This seems like a close enough fit to bgin with (buying a larger piece of backing board will require More Money)

The tables are 750 mm x1500 mm x 32.5 mm.

Budget: 122cm x 240cm x 5.5mm. (this will yield surplus cork!) £94.70

  • Adhesive: Wood glue/rubber cement apprx £5

I have a roll of paper just like that - I realise it's a consumable and more will be needed but I could donate enough for 2 or three re-wraps to get it started. --Artag 18:27, 7 January 2012 (UTC)

Awesome. I'll be sorting out plans and finding the sundeala somewhere in the space tonight, provided work doesn't intervene. --Wren 12:08, 10 January 2012

Total: 106 + pulley, rope and mounting. Plus the consumable kraft paper.


Running total: £120

Approximate target: £168

Paid: £0