Pledge: Donkey Saw

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We are looking at purchasing a 2 speed 240v Donkey Saw for the space

Pledge leader: Solexious (talk)

Maintenance: Volunteer needed - ensures saw is in working order and supplied with blades

Training: Volunteer needed - goto person for usage instructions

The item

  • [1] (#1 Advert for Donkey Saw)
  • This donkey saw can cut 100mm dia solidbar, would be a great addition to the workshop. It is located at Clarks metal shop 3 mins walk from the space, so is coming from a loving home, sale due to them upgrading their tools.

Budget estimation

  • £150


Please pay your pledged with the reference "DONKEY" and mark yourself paid on the list.

  • Solexious - £20 YesY Paid
  • Russ - £50 YesY Paid
  • Koruvax - £10 YesY Paid
  • YetiFiasco - £20 YesY Paid
  • Dean Forbes - £50 YesY Paid

Total Pledged £150

Total needed £150

Total Paid £150