Pledge: Electric Melting Furnace for Casting

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The recently purchased propane furnace has proved to be a great asset and we've done some good casting in it. One bit of feedback we've had on it is that it's a little tricky to set up and control (balancing the heat input, estimating the temperature etc). So we're now looking to also buy a compact electric table-top furnace with a 2kg capacity. We think these will work well as a complementary pair - the tabletop will be easy for beginners to use with minimal supervision, and has the fine temperature control needed to get good results for from detailed work such as jewellery or for working with precious metals. Meanwhile the much larger capacity of the gas furnace will be a good 'next step' for users once they have learned a bit more about how to handle the molten metal and it can pour much larger parts, with higher melting point materials like copper and iron.

This is the product we have in mind

It has a total cost of £189.99, I will start us off with an £80 pledge

Pledge opened: 2022-05-09

Pledge leader: Toby Molyneux


  • £80 -- Toby Molyneux - PAID
  • £20 -- Adrian Godwin - PAID
  • £30 -- Dragos - PAID
  • £25 -- Casting Man
  • £20 -- Mai Doan
  • £35 -- Colin Fowler - PAID
  • £25 —- Claude Cochet - PAID

Running total: £235

Approximate target: £189.99