Pledge: Grindstone for sharpening lathe chisels

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Pledge Complete! The grinder is now in the playwood lathe locker for the lathe users. I'm unsure of how to move it to the completed pledges page. When I go to move page, "Completed/Pledges" doesn't appear in the drop down list.

We've reached our goal! Please pay your pledges to the hackspace bank account with the reference "LATHEGRIND" with the quote marks and then mark your pledge as paid. You pay this the say was as you do your membership fee, only this is a one time thing. The bank transfer information is here (option on the right).

We are looking at purchasing a grindstone wheel that is appropriate for sharpening the wood lathe chisels. Right now we're using a temporary system that isn't suitable for the long term (sandpaper discs and holding the chisels freehand, not very precise to keeping the proper bevel angle). We have permission to use the unused Clarke 8" bench grinder in the basement, but it doesn't have the right wheel for the lathe chisels.

Pledge opened: 10/12/2016

Pledge leader: Mel

A good wheel for sharpening the lathe chisels would be a blue ceramic wheel. For the size we'd need (200mm x 20mm x 16mm), I found a shop that does the wheel in 200x20x32 and then we would need additional plastic bushings to fit it to the grinder shaft.

Blue wheel - £51.60 (VAT and shipping included)

Plastic bushings - £4.96 (VAT and shipping included)

New 6" grinder with 40mm white wheel and 20mm grey wheel (will be easier to find new replacement wheels for this grinder in the future) - £77.20 with VAT + S&H


  • £20.64 -- Mel (PAID)
  • £10 -- Artag (PAID)
  • £20 -- Antonio (PAID)
  • £10 -- Harry (PAID)
  • £16.56 -- Sam (PAID)

Running total: £77.20

Approximate target: £56.56 (or £77.20 for a new grinder with white stone)

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