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I'd like to start a pledge for an industrial overlocker to be included in hackspace crafts corner. We currently have no way of making stitches for use in simple things like t-shirt so we need an ovelocker!!

The industrial overlocker is an essential tool for working with stretch fabrics such as jersey, lycra as well as natural fibres including wool, cotton and silk. It produces truly professional stitches on a garment. It could serve those who want to design and make unique items in any style, shape or size including:

  • t-shirts
  • costumes
  • bags
  • hats and scarfs
  • bike covers
  • bags and aprons for tools
  • things produced on our knitting machine

The machine can also be used for repairs to any of the above. It can be bought in the £220-£300 I, the pledge leader will take the responsibility of sourcing the Overlocker and will look after it (help is of course welcome)

Training on how to use the machine and creative workshops (e.g.'make, repair, re-make your T-shirt') will be provided by myself.

Hackspace crafts corner with our knitting machine, industrial sewing machine + industrial overlocker - for your creativity, there will be no limit as we will now be covering all stages of professional garment construction.

Pledge leader: joanna

Video of an over-locker in action

NB we already have an overlocker: Equipment/Overlocker

The items

  • Overlocker - £300


Running total: £80

Target: £300.00