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UPDATE 8 Dec 2013 - PLEDGE CLOSED - Thanks for a successful pledge everyone! We've now got a great selection of tools available for woodworking. Now we just need to use them...


We are looking at purchasing a set of basic woodworking tools for the space for use in the weekly PL(A)YWOOD sessions.

The idea is to build a basic starting toolset that allows a group of people to come together and 'do' woodwork every week.

The current portfolio of tools in the workshop are not sufficient to get us started, so I've put together this pledge to enable us to begin.

Discussion of the pledge is open on the PL(A)YWOOD forum [1].

Pledge opened: Saturday 17th November 2013

Pledge leader: User:Wackowill

The items

The list includes:

  • a number of tools for creating joints, such as chisels and specialist saws:
    • Set of bevel edge chisels
    • Set of firmer/mortice chisels
    • Carpenters mallets
    • Paring chisel
    • Tenon saw
    • Gentleman's saw
    • Fret saw
  • tools for smoothing wood
    • Planes, No 3, 4, 5, 7 - No.5 is a general purpose jack plane, No. 7 a try plane for jointing, No. 3/4 for smoothing (or equivalents)
    • Block plane for smoothing end-grain (the blade is set at a lower angle than jack and try planes)
  • items for maintaining the chisels and planes (i.e. sharpening)
    • Combination water stone (medium, fine)
    • Leather strop and strop paste
    • Honing guide - for honing the correct angle onto plane blades and chisels
    • Some oil for the existing oil stones (plus plate-glass and wet-and-dry to dress the existing stones)
  • and items for measuring and marking
    • Marking gauges - Henry has donated a marking guage
    • Mitre square
    • Try square

These items are described in greater detail on this google spreadsheet: [2].

Budget estimation

  • Second-hand Jack plane - £25 each, qty 4
  • Set of new bevel edge chisels - ~£15 each, qty 3 (3/8", 1/2", 1") [3]
  • Set of new firmer/mortice chisels - ~£30 each, qty 3, (10mm, 12mm, 16mm) [4]
  • New Paring chisel - £25, qty 1 [5]
  • New Combination water stone (medium, fine) - £10.50, qty 1 [6]
  • New Leather strop and strop paste - £10, qty 1 [7]
  • New Gentleman's saw - £13.60, qty 1 (200mm) [8]
  • New Fret saw - £7.08, qty 2 [9]
  • New Honing guide - £11.10, qty 1 [10]
  • 3-in-1 oil for the existing oil stones

Additional information

After discussion with various members of LHS at the first PL(A)YWOOD meeting, it was suggested that the fine woodworking tools should be kept in a locker, with access granted to members after receiving training in the correct use of the tools (i.e. not using chisels to stir paint or remove heads from nails).


Target £350

Pledged £320

Paid £300