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Pledge: Rotary Attachment for Laser Cutter

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The Item

New Rotary attachment for laser cutter

£295 - unit £15 - shipping

Pledge leader tim_n


Keeps being suggested, but doesn't go anywhere because 'we can make one'. As we haven't, let the pledge speak

Requires physical modding of laser cutter, may (will most likely) require additional training to setup, or preappointment if you don't want the pitchforks when (if?) you break it.

Solexius may also need bribing to install it. I think he's half happy about it, half sad panda as it's probably going to double the service calls for the laser.

So if you pledge, emptor caveat!



  • Running total: £60
  • Target: ~£310 (£295+shipping)
  • Paid: £0