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Pledge: Router

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The Problem

We're currently using a Fonera 2.0n as our router, and a Bebox as our modem. They're both rather unstable.

We'd like to replace it with something running bog-standard linux/bsd that we can configure as we like. Screw pretty web-interfaces.

The Hardware

We need both an ADSL2+ modem, and a router to sit in front of it, so...

Modem: Draytek Vigor 120 (£50)

Router: ALIX 2D3 or ALIX 2D13

We can manage with the BeBox as the modem for a while, so we'll purchase the ALIX board first.


  • £30 Jonty - Paid 22/03/11
  • £10 Solexious - Paid 07/03/11
  • £30 Mark Paid 28/2/2011
  • £30 timm - Paid 20-02-2011
  • £30 Spike - Paid 20-02-2011 (probably - please nag if it does not arrive)
  • £30 Ciemon - Paid
  • £5 Eb4890 - Paid 21-02-2011
  • £15 Nickludlam - Paid, I hope

Running total: £180

Approximate target: £180

Paid: £180