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We are looking at purchasing a Table Saw for the space

Pledge leader: User:YetiFiasco

The item

A light trade sized cast iron free standing table saw

Budget estimation

  • £470


  • Rip wood stock
  • Fine joinery
  • Sever limbs

Additional information

This is a dangerous tool and there is some controversy over its use. Ways that have been suggested to improve the safety:

  • Relatively extensive safety training before use. Needs to include concepts like kickback and why it happens.
  • Add an ACNode, and ban anyone using it unsafely.
  • Ban alcohol consumption in workshop (a good idea even if we don't get a table saw)
  • Require supervised use as part of training.
  • Prohibit other use of wood shop when table saw is in use (preventing accidental bumps and distractions). Can have a simple barrier at door. Saw should be clearly seen from the door, though, so others can watch.
  • Clearly label "FOR WOOD ONLY"
  • Provide push-sticks, require their use. Emphasize how much cheaper they are than hospital stays.
  • Mandate use of guards and riving knife/splitter (prohibits fine joinery). Or, mandate that the guards always be replaced after use in the case that you need to take them off.
  • Direct users to read this before use:
  • Always have a large supply of new, sharp blades.


The saw will be purchased, moved to the space and partially disassembled to prevent use until all safety features have been installed and the machine has been properly checked and maintained.


The following people will be responsible for maintaining the saw and blades


Steve Ganly


The following people may be contacted for training and authorisation



Steve Ganly - for Training, not auth

AC Node authorization will be permitted only when users have completed the Training plan


Running total: £200

Approximate target: £470