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Details of items delivered to the space for specific individuals, or items expected to arrive at the space.

We should perhaps describe here the policy for sending post to the space - do we have one?

How about "Don't do anything dodgy. Avoid getting the space on junk mail lists."?

It will help if your full name is on your personal box so your delivery of components can be thrown in your box instead of lost in the general clutter someone in the space.

See also Guides/Bringing_items_to_the_space if you are considering getting anything big delivered. If you get something huge delivered, such as a fruit machine, it may get scrapped if you have not informed the mailing list, labeled it and got it out of peoples way pronto.

Mailing list Post, describing post box contents on September 20th 2013. Pasted below for searchability/ visibility and to aid tidying.


Recipient Item Instructions (if any) Date Last Updated
Gavin Brunton Package from Ebay Will try to be there but if not feel free to call/text me on 07825417853. Should arrive by 19th. 20150313
Rosa Package from Kite Will try to be there but if not feel free to call/text me on 07414060544. Will laser cut and move within the week. Should arrive by Wednesday. 20150313
Glyn Package from eBay Place in Post basket please :). Hopefully it'll arrive Friday 14th March 2014 20140313
Andy Cousins Package from Amazon Place in Post basket or in my box. 20130613
TimR Jiffy bag from Audio Spares Leave in post box or throw at TomW if he is about. 20131126

Assumed Delivered

Recipient Item Instructions (if any) Date Last Updated
Nick Johnson Laserable materials from HPC Please email me when it arrives and I'll come in to sort it out 11th or 12th of September
Nicolas Sahlqvist Dell E6400 compatible laptop Battery from e-bay () It was apprently delivered at 8:59 on the 17th and signed by M Roberts (Royal mail tracking nr KR249401234GB), but I can not find it in the mail box, anyone know? Please drop me a mail! 17th of September 2013


Recipient Item Arrived Location Contact
Josh Miller 1 box 2016/04/27 post box This wiki item updated by Lmorrison
jontyw sm plastic bag 2014/01/04 post box This wiki item updated by akki
jasper 2 sm plastic bags taped together (hdds) 2014/01/04 post box This wiki item updated by akki
mars(martin) box (labelled) 2014/01/04 post box This wiki item updated by akki

Contents on September 20th 2013

  • Peter Divos: 4 items. 1 A4 box from Germany; 1 small bag from China (eBay), 2 small jiffy bags.
  • Daniel Steen - something from China.
  • William Beaufoy - a letter.
  • Sam Kelly - a letter, slightly bigger than A5.
  • Gabriel Ilori - An A5 letter.

Missed delivery slips:

  • Two unlabelled slips from "APC Overnight". One attempt on 9/9/13, one on 11/9/13. No name given. Entering the number into their tracking thing shows no results.
  • R McCartney, dated 3/5/13. This will almost certainly have beenreturned-to-sender by now.

And now, for some miscellaneous stuff:

  • "Big Blue Support" - something for unit 24 at Cremer Street. I have no idea why we have this.
  • An A5, maroon-red notebook. Kinda battered. Labelled "Development - WERS Releases 18/01/11".
  • A small black spiral-bound reporter's notebook.
  • Nick Johnson - a random invoice from China. I'm pretty sure the miscellaneous DHL slip applies to this too.
  • 2 stapled sheets about an "Electric car conversion EV London VW Golf".