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Crazy giant t-rex skeleton


There's a bit of a joke around the hackspace that I'm a t-rex because I have short arms and I'm constantly asking for help getting things off of shelves. I then randomly found these plans to build a huge t-rex skeleton on Instructables... With EMFCamp coming up, I thought a t-rex in a field would be a good addition to the field.


Weirdly, trying to print out the pattern pieces took the longest amount of time. In retrospect, I should have done what the instructable suggested and just take the PDF to a copy shop and have it all printed out properly. Printing out and piecing together the pieces took me about two weeks to complete.

I used two 8ft x 4ft sheets of exterior grade 12mm plywood. It took about a week to trace & cut out the pieces using a jigsaw with the help of my husband, Sully.

I then managed to nab some generic off-white emulsion off of a friend and painted all the pieces. Then I spraypainted the pieces with glow in the dark spray paint.

Field Work & Lighting

Used some cheap 1.2m UV/Blacklight tubes to light up the dinosaur at the bar at EMFCamp.I had made lovely wooden holders for the UV tubes but I forgot that, in a field, things are not flat or level... So had to hack up some Club Mate boxes to hold the lights up. He hid nicely under a dark archway under the M1.



How to build a 6ft tall wooden t-rex model on Instructables