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M0HSL APRS iGate/Digipeater

Because APRS coverage sucks in London, and this is a project which is nice and easy to kick off, but has lots of scope for doing ALL THE THINGS.

Current status: Offline (ras-pi is back at Mat's place pending hackspace move, and needs plugging back in) (M0HSL-10 on

Short term proposal: An Rx only igate based on a raspberry pi and an RTL-SDR, on loan from MatStace 2E0TPS until such time as it's no longer needed. Contact Mat if you need access to it for any reason.

Longer term things:

  • Two way iGate and digipeater
  • Weather/telemetry in the packets.
  • Frequency (if there is someone operating the station)


  • Add a short USB extension between Pi and RTL-SDR to remove mechanical stress
  • Possibly add a short N-type -> SMA pigtail between antenna cable and rtl-sdr instead of solid adapter (shouldn't need it if above is done)
  • See if RF filtering before rtl-sdr is necessary/beneficial - maybe broadcast FM band stop, or a VHF bandpass