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Arcade Machine

This is archived information. You probably want The Beast.

SNK-MVS6 Manual for Unit

General Notes

Changing games

To get a new cartridge working insert it all the way and then pull it out very slightly.


The machine itself is in a combination of English and Japanese. The first screen that you get to when you boot into service mode is in Japanese which corresponds to the English manual but after you go past that point excluding the hardware test screen the rest of the options are in Japanese.

Features supported by board but not cabinet

The EL board would appear to be a way of Illuminating the currently selected game on a poster showing the six available games. Also LED1 and LED2 are outputs that are used to show the number of credits held by player1 and player2. These could both be implemented relatively easily at some point in the future.


Use joystick and A to navigate. Use B to return (except for hardware test).

Menu Description
ハードウェア テスト Hardware test
ハードディップ設定 Hard dip settings
ソフトディップ設定 Soft dip settings
インカム?? Income management
キーワド設定 Keyword (code) setting
カレンダー設定 Calendar settings
おわる Exit

Hardware test

Use 1 player start to switch between screens:

  • Cross-hatch test
  • Colour test
  • I/O test
    • Player 2's C button appears to be broken
  • Sound test
    • Sound testing appears not to work
  • Memory card (erase/write/read) test
  • Backup clear
    • Press A+B+C to clear
  • Calendar set-up
    • A to increase, B to decrease, D to save

Hard dips

  • 1. Set-up mode
  • 3. Coin switch
  • 7. Freeplay
  • 8. Stop mode

Freeplay is currently on.

Soft dips


March 2011. The machine had boards around it and a don't touch sign for a while. It is rumoured that the machine is 'only very unreliable' and will work with some fiddling. Anyone know more? Diagnosis of why it's unreliable? Policy on people fiddling to get it work?