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"The Beast" arcade machine
Model Unknown
Sub-category Audio/Visual
Status Good working order
Consumables Unknown
Accessories Unknown
Training requirement no
Training link Unknown
ACnode no
Owner Unknown
Origin Donation from popey
Location Ground Floor, shop window
People playing with The Beast

This is the big arcade machine that lurks in the space.

It has MAME and other emulators and a large amount of ROMs, with a relatively easy to use front-end.

Current state

Idling nicely in the Hackspace Kitchen. Powered by Denning. May need some controller repair due to only one side working.


The machine is currently operational, turn on the wall socket switch in the hall path and give it a go! Report to the mailinglist when something breaks down, or contact user:Yvanj

Elaborated version

The machine currently consist out of a Core2Quad Dell Optiplex SFF desktop running an x86 Debian variant of the RetroPie software.

A connected keyboard has been hidden behind the coin door for emergency purposes; the cable should be long enough to pull it and use it.

The hardware is fully working now, however:

  • We don't have enough inputs to use all of the options in the menu system :sadface:

Future plans

We are currently playing with the idea of re-implementing a new "real" arcade setup, which will cost monies, but will greatly increase user experience at the cost of no indie games. [1]


  • Real arcade-based gameplay with multiple game possibilities
  • Decent audio setup, with accessible volume control


  • ACNode integration


We have a set of ideas of reimplementing the arcade part, which are listed below:

Yvan's Arcade Part Idea

  • ~£95 - Jamma PCB [2]
  • ~£10 - Amplifier [3]
  • £ ?? - speaker set from flea market
  • £15 - Jamma breakout cable set [4]

Total: ~ £120, excl. flea market speaker set

Yvan's ACNode implementation idea

Use a RPi with an RFID reader (I have both spare), which sends a coin pulse to the PCB when a member badge is tapped. All required parts should be available in my drawer or in the space.


All the control have been replaced, rewired and confirmed working, the side art has been trimmed and cleaned and mame has been installed, the bezel for the monitor has been sprayed black along with the metal trim around the edge of the marquee. 2 locks need replacing and a power button for the shuttle PC needs adding. --YetiFiasco 21/10/2013

New speakers have been fabricated and installed from the google TV speakers, the CRT has been replaced with an LCD mounted to the original board in its original position (upright), still needs aligning properly, given a general tidy. Both joysticks need replacing at ~£30 due to tape being applied instead of the proper collet fouling the dip switches, buttons could be replaced at the same time, wiring also needs replacing, lots of brittle wire and loose connectors. --YetiFiassco 18/08/2013

The flouro light behind the perspex up top is now running, but needs re-wiring properly to be safe. Top taken off and the last vestiges of the broken speaker system removed. Cleaned a bit more.. --TimRTerrible 13/08/2013

The logitech 2.1 system that is installed in the cabinet has a busted amp/sub unit. The satellites work (just) but are naff without amplification. Have installed the old Google TV speakers temporarily, removing the old ones will involve taking the cabinet apart. One of the (mains!) cables that feeds the neons has been yanked out and is hanging loose. Unplugged. Fixing this will involve taking the cabinet apart, too. Tidied all the cables in the back, removed unused stuff. Currently running by the hackspace front door for opening evening. --TimRTerrible 13/08/2013

Updated the Wiki page with the current situation --Yvanj (talk) 21:41, 20 March 2015 (UTC)

Added proposal for JAMMA setup --Yvanj (talk) 22:02, 20 March 2015 (UTC)

Outings 2012

  • The Wild Rumpus Thursday, 2nd of February at 93 feet east. 18:30-23:00.
  • Bit of Alright: Indie focused game design conference at the BAC. 3rd of Feb. 25ukp.
  • GameJam at LSBU 4-5th February.