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BioActivator is currently in the planning stage.

The idea is for a diybio/biohacker centric publishing platform.

The charter is to publish editorial and biohacker content, that promotes and explains biohacker values

Here are some example sites that have related remits;

Futurity features the latest discoveries by scientists at top research universities in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. The nonprofit site, which launched in 2009, is supported solely by its university partners (listed below) in an effort to share research news directly with the public.

Screenshot - 140314 - 14-08-36.png

The Conversation is an independent source of news and views, sourced from the academic and research community and delivered direct to the public. Screenshot-140314-141121.png

Some blog/wordpress/e-zine sites with nice design;

Screenshot - 140314 - 153848.png