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Supplies Needed and Sources


  • cinnamon "caviar"
  • apple
  •  ??? More stuff to go into fancy cocktails!


  • Mix sodium alginate powder into liquid slowly and gradually without forming clumps. (2g to 200-400ml liquid)
  • Wait 10 minutes to thicken
  • Mix up calcium chloride solution (500ml water to 5g calcium chloride)
  • Fill syringe with sodium alginate goop and drip into calcium chloride bath from a height to encourage spherification. Stir solution gently to form balls
  • Only leave the balls in the solution for 1-3minutes so they remain liquid inside. scoop out, rinse and place in un-alginated liquid (fruit juice or whatever). Should keep for 2-3 days (source: The Extraordinary Cookbook by Stefan Gates)