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The Plan

Humans vs. Zombies is a game of tag. All players begin as humans, and one is randomly chosen to be the “Original Zombie.” The Original Zombie tags human players and turns them into zombies. The zombies must tag and “feed” on a human every 48 hours or he starves to death and is out of the game.

The popular version of the game incorporates nerf guns, and sock 'grenades'/mele weapons. However, this being hackspace we began wondering if it were possible to fabricate a laser tag style system. After some research instructions for a DIY laser tag were found [1], and it appears to be a financially plausible idea. While still in its infancy the ideas we have had are as follows:

  • Lazor guns, because everything is better with a little more lazor
  • Ammunition crates - set up to dispense a set number of 'rounds' to the guns
    • These should be powered by an internal battery and distributed around the game zone
  • Possible RFID devices for the zombies, with a reader on the humans
    • This should also allow us to see which zombies have 'starved' to death
  • Potentially setting up the system so that 'kills', and 'bites' are displayed on the board
    • Possibly achievable by tethering the amunition boxes to a mobile phone and transmitting the data back to the space
  • capture the flag with geolocation tagging, build a app for android,


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