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We currently stock the following beginner's sportsets:

  1. the PXP-10 (more advanced) (£30)
The Majestic PXP-10 Sportset

Please see for more details.

They are £30, and ordered from Steffen at SSDeV in Germany. He will likely also throw in a few goodies too (extra tension tools and extra picks) -- after all, he knows exactly what lockpickers need -- 15 years of experience here.

Sportsets should be available at each Lockpicking Sport Session. You can request one, however, the sets will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.

At each Lockpicking Sport Session, there are communal picks/tension tools for everyone to use. Thus, there is no need to have a sportset if you just want to try the wonderful sport of lockpicking. Sportsets are recommended for those who really have to have fun with this lovely sport.

You can order a junk sportset off the internet but I wouldn't recommend these. Having the right tools will make your sporting experience that much better.

For more advanced sportsets and tools, please ask during the sport sessions.