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The "Lubbocks" are intel arm based development boards, origonally from symbian, via Nokia, donated by User:JennyH. We have manuals for the big one:

Unfortunaty the big ones is currently flashed with a bootloader that expects a symbian format binary (i think), after reading the manual I've found you can change the flash the cpu boots from, but unfortunately none of the other onboard flash banks seem to contain bootable code. The 'working' settings are: S15 dot, S1: dot, S2: dot, see table 2-2 on page 2-5 of the UserGuide ('Intel DBPX250 Development platform for Intel Personal Client Architecture').

We have several possibilities:

  • work out how to make a binary in the format expected by the existing bootloader (dig out the open symbian code and make a toolchain?)
  • make a jtag cable and backup the existing bootcode (and other flash banks), then reflash with some more generic boot code, maybe:

Other notes:

  • The big one has a cf/pcmcia adapter with e 32 15Mb CF card in it, we should dump the contents of the card in case it has anything interesting.
  • The cpu board on the big one does not appear to be the same one mentioned in the manual, i'm not sure what cpu it is!