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Magnetic Fingers
Created 01/04/2012
Members Montyphy
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Using magnets and nail polish in an attempt to gain a sixth sense.


The reasoning and conclusion can be found on my blog writeup.


Total = ~£9.40


  1. Group and place the required sets of magnets on a flat surface. I went for 4 groups of 3 magnets in a line so I could line the left and right edges of my right hand ring and little fingers.
  2. Paint one nail with nail polish.
  3. Carefully lift and position a group of magnets on still wet nail.
  4. When positioning the second set of magnets be careful not to disturb the previously set group by getting to close with the current set of magnets.
  5. If you make a mistake use the acetone to remove the nail polish.
  6. When the nail polish has dried apply another layer or two to secure the magnets in place.
  7. Once the first nail has completely dried move onto the next one. If you don't wait you risk detaching all the magnets and having to start over.