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Created 07/01/2010
Members samthetechie,
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I have made, tested and installed this rig already. It all works, enjoy. Took about 3 hours. Yay!


To make an epic gaming and media hub ftw. But also to make better use of the gaming, audio, video hardware and our new abundance of space!





  • Xbox hooked up to projector and amp
    • Xbox Streams Audio from smb://lovelace/Music (should this change to babbage to save power??)
    • The Xbox has an option to scrobble to but authentication fails ( dev attention pls :D)
    • Xbox Streams Video from smb://lovelace/Videos (ditto??)
    • Xbox Streams Pictures from smb://lovelace/Pictures (ditto??)
    • Xbox has ~20 xbox video games (ROMS) installed on the local HDD.
    • Audio and Video can be streamed from the internet, connect to ip_addy:port.


  • PS2 hooked up to projector and amp for gaming and watching movies
    • Plays DVD movies = mini cinema.
    • Games: Guitar Hero + Tony Hawks something or other.


-The old workshop / dirty room.


Need you ask!? Hmph.


Connection Overview: Video

Connection Overview: Audio

Connection Overview: Power

Connection Overview: Ethernet


  • Add more consoles with time.
    • Maybe get a Nintendo wii in?
    • Xbox 360 (there is one in the space but it has a red ring when it is plugged in- guess that is only because it has no video cable, any help with a cable from anyone?)
  • Get a bigger component Video Splitter (e.g. 5 to 1) to help avoid unplugging. Note: we currently have a 3 to 1 3 inputs:(Vid=Yellow, Left=White, Right=Red), slide switch->(input1, input2, input3) and one output (Vid=Yellow, Left=White, Right=Red)
  • Encapsulate / protect the consoles a bit better to protect them from beer spillage and generally being knocked.