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Nanode Version 5 documentation now on Solderpad - open hardware repository

[1]Nanode Documentation on

Nanode Version 5 Schematic

Nanode Version 5 Schematic as PDF

Nanode Version 5 on Thingiverse

Thingiverse thing:7497

Nanode Version 5 Connections

File:Nanode Connections.pdf as PDF Nanode conns.jpg as JPG

Pin AVR Port Description
Dig0 PD0 Serial RX
Dig1 PD1 Serial TX
Dig2 PD2 Ethernet and wireless RFM12B interrupt (INT 0)
Dig3 PD3 USB D+ (And INT 1 from Vusb)
Dig4 PD4 USB D-
Dig5 PD5 -
Dig6 PD6 Red LED
Dig7 PD7 UNI/O bus: MAC Address (11AA02E48)
Dig8 PB0 SPI bus: Ethernet Slave Select
Dig9 PB1 SPI bus: IC7 slave select (if installed)
Dig10 PB2 SPI bus: Wireless Slave Select (if installed)
Dig11 PB3 SPI bus: Shared MOSI (Master Output, Slave Input)
Dig12 PB4 SPI bus: Shared MISO (Master Input, Slave Output)
Dig13 PB5 SPI bus: Shared Serial Clock (output from master)
Ana0 PC0 -
Ana1 PC1 -
Ana2 PC2 -
Ana3 PC3 -
Ana4 PC4 I2C bus: SDA
Ana5 PC5 I2C bus: SCL

Nanode Version 5 Partslist

Nanode V5 Parts List July 9th 2011

1 Microchip ENC28J60-I/SP 28 PIN 0.3" DIL

1 Microchip 23K256 32Kx8 SPI SRAM SOIC - optional - not supplied in N5 kit

1 EEPROM 2K bit 256x8 SOT23 MAC IC

1 Microchip MCP1702 3V3 regulator TO92 pack

1 7805 5V regulator TO220

1 74HC125 quad tristate buffer

1 Atmel ATmega328-PU

1 1N4001 diode

1 3mm LED RED

2 BZX55C 3V6 500mW zener diodes

1 16MHz HC49-4 crystal 50ppm 30pF load capacitance

1 25MHz HC49-4 crystal 50ppm 30pF load capacitance

4 22pF 50V 10% ceramic disc capacitors 2.54mm pitch

7 100nF 50V 20% multilayer ceramic capacitors Y5V 2.54mm pitch

2 10nF 50V 20% ceramic capacitors 2.54mm pitch

3 10uF 35V electrolytic capacitors 5mm dia 2mm pitch

1 1 ohm resistor (replaces ferrite)

1 10 ohm resistor

4 51 ohm 1% resistors

2 68 ohm 1% resistors

3 270 ohm 1% resistors

1 1K5 1% Resistor

1 2K 1% resistor

5 10K 1% resistors

1 1M Resistor

1 Tactile switch - right angle DTSA-63K

2 8 way 0.1" SIL Sockets

2 6 way 0.1" SIL Sockets

1 6 way 0.1" right angle header

1 32 pin 0.1" header strips

2 28 way DIL sockets

1 14 way DIL socket

1 4 way screw terminal block 20A 5mm (21-3006)

1 USB B connector (24-0346)

1 Ethernet Connector with LEDS (Magjack) 4uCon 19154

1 Pink antistatic zip bag 102 x 156 mm

1 50mm x 50mm conductive foam

1 Mailing Envelope 150 x 210 mm

1 Nanode 5 PCB EPCB100105

Mass 58 grammes Mass 71 grammes when packed in mailing envelope

You will also need

1 FTDI USB-serial cable - becoming a standard bit of kit for talking to microcontrollers or similar USB to serial converter such as Sparkfun/Cool Components

1 CAT5 network cable to connect to router