Project:Oyster Card Hacking

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Oyster Card Hacking
Created 20/03/2011
Members Montyphy
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Extracting the chip from an Oyster card.


  • Oyster card
  • Acetone (commonly found in nail polish remover)


  • Submerge card in acetone until it softens.
  • Peel off layer of plastic and submerge again.
  • Repeat until chip is visible.

The wire for the antenna of the chip is very fine so it's easier and quicker to extract the chip without it and opt to solder on your own antenna. The contacts on the chip are also quite weak so care has to be taken not to break them off. The contacts look like wings on either side of the chip and should be easy to spot if you look at where the aerial connects to the chip. Encasing the chip in something like hot glue will help prevent the antenna detaching. For what it's worth, the aerial in the card is about 13cm long with 5 loops but you may need to experiment a little to make a working replica.