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If you don't have a terminal node controller of your own, you can borrow one from us. These are useful for connecting to the future packet radio network or other amateur radio projects at the hackspace.

The available stuff is kept at the flat of Rawles in south London. To donate anything you might have lying around, please get in touch. If you don't know whether it works, we can test it and try to fix it. Delivery and pick up of this equipment can be arranged. Please get in touch.


T1 (available)
AEA PK-232, untested, no manual, with power cable somewhere... Donated by Rawles.
T2 (on loan to Sam since 2018-05-24)
AEA PK-232MBX, mailbox capability, untested, without power cable, with a 25-pin RS232 cable. Donated by WSPR. Various cables, including one terminated in a power connector, one with 3.5mm jacks on each end, and another with a radio connector.
T3 (available)
Pac-Comm Tiny-2, untested, without power cable or manual. Donated by WSPR.
T4 (available)
Pac-Comm Tiny-2, untested, without power cable or manual. Donated by WSPR.
T5 (available)
AEA PK-88, untested, without power cable or manual. Also contains 1990 AEA catalogue! Donated by WSPR.


Manuals, booklets and leaflets for these TNCs are also available, to be lent out separately (since we don't have one for each TNC):

M1 (on loan to Sam since 2018-05-24)
A manual dated 1/91 for the PK-232MBX. Donated by WSPR.
M2 (available)
A manual dated 11/90 for the PK-88. Donated by WSPR.
M3 (available)
G4VRQ's Beginner's Guide to Packet Radio. Donated by WSPR.


Software is also available:

S1 (available)
PC-Pakratt 2. "PK-232 Multi mode terminal unit: Driver software for the IBM-PC and compatibles. A fully featured terminal program to support the latest PK-232 enhancements. Gives you the most powerful amateur data transmission system ever!". Contains manual, 3½-inch floppy disk and 5¼-inch floppy disk. Donated by WSPR.
S2 (available)
PC-Pakratt/PK88 + Handbook. 3½-inch floppy disk. Donated by WSPR.

Future plans

We want to reduce the barrier to entry as much as possible. Accordingly, in the coming months, we will test these TNCs and combine with a transceiver into full packet stations.