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RageGauge is a project which involves measuring the amount of raw anger within hackspace at any time.

Suggested sources of information:

  1. Ambient noise levels
  2. Expletive count on the IRC channel
  3. Luminosity Levels. Hackers in the dark don't work as well as hackers in a sunny park
  4. Temperature sensors, both room and body.

Aims of this project:

  1. Reduce the amount of rage in the space
  2. Increase the amount of rage in the space
  3. Code AI which handles this conflict by design


  1. Linux Daemon which logs information and draws useless charts on them.
  2. Charts can be published online
  3. IRC bot triggered by ?ragegauge which provides status updates on request
  4. Interfaced to big traffic light (big tribulby) and little led clone with low self esteem (little tribulby)
  5. RageGauge will only be engageable once a day. Override options will be built-in but sources subsequently destroyed to minimise annoyances
  6. After RageGauge has exhausted big tribulby, little tribulby will do its best to annoy people in the space throughout the day

Sources and git project:

Coming soon