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Rapid Vanilla Extract
Created 11/05/2012
Members Montyphy Akki14
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To produce coffee vodka without the harsh coffee bitterness (and quickly).


Second experiment in Rapid Infusion using a cream whipper. This one was the first one documented on the Harvard Science & Cooking Lectures.

Ingredients and Equipment

  • Coffee Grinder
  • Coffee Beans
  • Coffee filters
  • Chopstick (to hold the filter)
  • Scales
  • Measuring jug
  • Cream Whipper with N2O charges


  • Weigh 35g of coffee beans
  • Coarsely grind through coffee grinder and place in cream whipper
  • Add 500ml of vodka
  • Put screw top onto cream whipper and give it two N2O charges (or try to)
  • Wait 2-4 minutes (We waited around 3-4 minutes)
  • Violently release pressure in the cream whipper, remembering to shake down the whipper to make sure there's absolutely no remaining pressure in the container.
  • Poke chopstick through the coffee filter and balance over the measuring jug.
  • Filter the vodka through the coffee filter
  • Drink!

Results so far

This produced a definite coffee-flavour vodka, although with cheap vodka taste (Chris who helped taste test) and woody undertones (Heather), possibly from under-grinding the beans. The flavour was similar to if you had just bit into a coffee bean.

Just as a note, we lost about 100ml of vodka to the coffee grinds themselves so we only approximately ended up with 400ml of vodka.

Theories and Further Experiments

We should look into using less vodka in the whipper - there's possibly a difference in pressure happening which may be good or bad

Possibly a finer grind of bean would result in better overall coffee flavour

Definitely worth considering using less intense coffee beans. We used expresso beans which is probably the reason for the strong bitterness.