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Suggestions Box
Created 06/03/2012
Members Montyphy
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A Suggestion box in a prominent location in the Space so we can collect views from the general public and visitors to the Space on Tuesday nights. Proposed by Montyphy in 100 Paper Cuts


  • 1 box with a slot in the top
  • 1 folder with comment papers
  • pen on a string?
  • ???
  • Profit!


  • Cut slot in box
  • Affix box and sign to wall between the toilet and the front door.
  • Wait a week.
  • Empty box and collect comments.
  • Post on wiki as News or to mailing list to deal with any issues that are raised.


Week 1


  • Auto closes on main door to main rooms of the loos Has now happened! Now it's hard to push the doors open ... Akki14 12:37, 1 April 2012 (UTC)
  • Get rid of the shit grafitti above the sink and in the toilets (Mostly has happened. Toilet next to the front door could do with some repainting/cleaning)


  • they see me trolling
  • pledge drive for a yeti grooming kit. charles needs some TLC
  • moar cars

Week 2

  • Please, Please - higher light levels around machine tools, ideally high brightness LEDs all around drill heads & chucks. Have bought high brightness LED flexi lamps - there's two clamp-base ones in the workshop and a free-standing table-type one on the soldering bench. Akki14 13:43, 7 April 2012 (UTC)

Week something or other


  • Label plugs so you know what's safe to unplug
  • Label USB, eg Printers, so people know not to unplug things
  • Tags to put on large items to tell the owner about the rules and that they need to email the mailing list



23 May 2012

  • Extractor fan for soldering area, out to window.
  • Notice Board Area
  • Sign to leave on someone's stuff if they bugger off while using an entire table
  • Wiki badges showing off personal skills. Bit like wikipedia's "Native speaker of English" or "beginner speaking English"
  • Specific hours (limited) for antisocial workshop activities such as angle grinding and welding.

03 Novemver 2012

  • More duct tape