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Power spike eater


From digikey :)

  • MOVs: MOV-20D391K-ND MOVs; 391V # 10mm lead spacing, 1.1mm lead diameter; component is 23mm x 6mm box
  • LED resistors: S240KHCT-ND resistors; 240k ohm 0.5W # leads 0.65m, component is 7/5mm x 2.6mm
  • LEDs: 754-1267-ND LEDs; # 2.54mm lead spacing, leads 0.5mm square profile, component 6mm dia flange, 5mm dia lense, flat on cathode
  • Fuses: 507-1166-ND Fuse; 100mA slow blow # 5.08 lead spacing, 0.7 lead diameter, component is 8.45 x 4.1mm
  • GDT GTCA28-421M-R05CT-ND; 420V DC spark GDT # 0.8mm leads, axial, 8mm diameter, 6mm body length, 62mm leads