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Project to build a high-accuracy GPS-disciplined time/frequency source by linking a GPS receiver to a high-precision Lucent frequency standard based on an oven-controlled crystal oscillator.


The GPS receiver is currently connected to the radio shack computer ( and ntpd is synced to the PPS time signal as a stratum 1 server. (16/09/2015)


  • Very high-accuracy 10MHz and 15MHz frequency standards (good for calibrating radios)
  • Unreasonably high precision NTP server
  • High-precision time sources are cool


  • Active GPS antenna on the roof of the radio shack
  • TimeTools T1000/2 GPS receiver
  • Lucent/Symmetricom KS-24361 REF-0 reference clock
  • Arduino to deal with interface logic
  • Raspberry Pi to act as an NTP server (PPS signal via GPIO)