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  • Get an reduced functionality acnode out there ASAP and add improvements incrementally as they are developed/needed.
  • Have a platform that's fexible enough to do other things (power metering, display driving, etc)

User Instructions

Indiviaual tools acnodes currently each have their own access control lists, which are controlled by maintainers. These lists are held on the acserver. There is at present no 'open access' acnode configuration, all users need to be individually added by maintainers. Tool maintainers can add trained users in two ways:

  1. Via the acserver web interface, the maintainer will need an ldap account.
  2. Via the push-button menu system:
    • With maintainer card in, and orange light displayed, press the button until it flashes yellow
    • Long hold of button. acnode goes into induct trainee mode.
    • Remove maintainer card
    • tap trainee card.
    • Light should then return to blue (ready) state.

All trained users can take a tool out of access if it is proving to be seriously faulty or a danger to others.

    • With your card in the reader, tap the button until it flashes RED.
    • Long hold on button
    • Remove your card.
    • Report fault to tool maintainers via an appropriate mechanism (the mailing list is a good fallback if you can't find other reliable means). Where the tool has an online log-book, report that as well.

Maintainers can activate a tool that is out of service, and when they are satisfied that it is working again, they can return it to normal operation

    • With maintainer card in the reader, tap the button until it flashes GREEN
    • Long hold on button
    • Remove maintainer card


  • 5-OCT-2014: Switching to a PN532 chipset reader, had to write a library for energia. issue with not enough current to drive the SSR relay being looked into by tgreer
  • 12-AUG-2014: Problem discovered with support for mifare classic cards (old oyster, barclaycard)
  • 11-AUG-2014: Ready for integration with the Lulzbot


Minimal implemnentation.

Based on:

  • TI Connected Launchpad ~ £15
  • RC522PN532 chipset ~ £10
  • Solid state relays for equipment control ~ £2
  • uln2003 Darlington array or similar to switch 5V from Connect Launchpad for relay ~ priceless

Cost: <£30