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Project:Tool Access Control/ACNode-cl

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  • Get an reduced functionality acnode out there ASAP and add improvements incrementally as they are developed/needed.
  • Have a platform that's fexible enough to do other things (power metering, display driving, etc)


  • 5-OCT-2014: Switching to a PN532 chipset reader, had to write a library for energia. issue with not enough current to drive the SSR relay being looked into by tgreer
  • 12-AUG-2014: Problem discovered with support for mifare classic cards (old oyster, barclaycard)
  • 11-AUG-2014: Ready for integration with the Lulzbot


Minimal implemnentation.

Based on:

  • TI Connected Launchpad ~ £15
  • RC522PN532 chipset ~ £10
  • Solid state relays for equipment control ~ £2
  • uln2003 Darlington array or similar to switch 5V from Connect Launchpad for relay ~ priceless

Cost: <£30