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(copied from Paul2's email.)

Here are the minutes from the IRC meeting we just had (shorter than last time)

Things I should do better:

  • spell the IRC channel properly. It was #ukhackcamp-meeting. But you could have worked that out right ;)
  • advertise the meeting more (gmail is offering to insert an invitation to this email so I'll try that - I don't think it works on a mailing list, but meh)
  • get minutes out more promptly (hey, this isn't bad this time)

Actions from previous meeting:

  • Mersey youth camp,Charvil - Martin crypt
  • Observatory science centre , Upper Heyford - jonty
  • Contact Secret Garden Party, update website with questionnaire
  • e form?), quote for power generation?, google sponsorship - russ
  • Debden House, Bovington, contact CCC about power- Paul
  • Hainult, Whitchurch - mark
  • Long marston airfield, Newbury West - martind
  • Donnington, Ruckus APs - jasper
  • Matterley - anyone on the mailing list who has a contact here?

Reports back

  • Martin (Crypt) - Did not make the meeting, apparently has contacted both (according to Russ) but not heard back
  • Jonty - Contacted Observatory Science centre, waiting for response
  • Russ - Sent some emails
  • Paul - Emailed guy at CCC re: power, Bovington said no :( not interested in our kind of event, Debden House seem interested and seem to meet a fair amount of our requirements. Sounds fairly positive.
  • Mark (ms7821) - Did not make the meeting, please update us?
  • Martind - No replies back from emails yet
  • Jasper: Emailed Ruckus, Donnington seems unsuitable?

Actions for next week:

  • Chase up venues above.
  • Beeny: Has contacts at Long Marston and Heyford so will take both of those on.
  • Charles (solexious): Matterley (as no one on the mailing list replied)
  • Alecjs: Tolmers Camp Site
  • Aden: Find contacts from Multiplay who might be able to help, Newbury Racecourse

Next meeting:

  • Date: Monday 19th December
  • Time: 8pm
  • Location: Mason & Taylor, Bethnal Green Road