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  • Russ
  • Jonty
  • Martin/crypt
  • martind
  • Jasper
  • Oni


  • Recap of last week
  • Scheduling
  • Debden House
  • Milton Keynes
  • Newbury
  • Next steps

Summary of last week

(minutes were missing, so let's recap.)

  • no big decisions
  • had price for Newbury
  • still need Debden price
  • MK visit coming up


  • This WE: 6 months left until first week of Sept; we're now at our previously agreed time limit

Milton Keynes

That's a yes.

  • Jasper and Mark went today
  • Four suggested places, two are preferred
    • (One that was rejected right away)
    • (Campbell Park)
    • Furzton Lake: near lake (no sailing), but also near residential area; slightly boring but good fence, solid ground, very easy access.
    • Pineham. Much space but right along the M1; trees, hedge row between road and green. Street noise is noticeable. River across the camp side (muddy), but requires a long walk to cross it; maybe we can build bridges. BMX track nearby which is used on Sundays. Helipad (not in use.) Bonfire and open BBQs would be OK. Lake nearby, sailing and angling. We can make noise.
  • MK asks that we need to get involved with their SAG meeting
  • Their overriding goal is sustainability of their parks. We need to leave the venue as found.
  • £1k deposit, £100/day to rent
  • need £5M public insurance
  • they have recommended suppliers for many things
  • *has* to be after August
  • probably best transport links of the three venues
  • Bluesquare (ISP) is very close


  • too expensive: >£20k (£7k/day for the building alone)
  • mostly indoors
  • not the right kind of venue for us

Debden House

  • still don't have a final price offer
  • our initial calculation is much too expensive (also ~£20k)
  • they're not being responsive, taking a long time to make decisions
  • still waiting for final offer
  • in the meantime happy to keep as a backup option

Next steps

  • still targeting first week of Sept (Sa 1st)
  • Russ and Mark are initial contact for MK; they will get in touch with them to get things started
  • once we have a firm date and paid the deposit we will (finally!) assemble the planning team
  • once venue & date are fixed presales can start (2-3 weeks from now)
    • E.g.: charge ~£50 now, and charge max ~£50 more once tickets are being sold
    • i.e.,: pay to reserve a place, and help funding initial cost

Big cheer!

Suggestions for activities, while we're all jolly and drunk

  • architecture/built environment talk: why is Milton Keynes designed in such a weird way.
  • we will have a kids' area, and a dedicated family/kids coordinator
  • we will have a safer space policy
  • disabled access for everything
  • we need a first-aid team (we have St John volunteers), and a real ambulance because we know shit will go wrong
  • we need more than one craft area
  • we need flooring for some areas (furnaces?)
  • we will *not* have software cracking workshops
  • we will have a few venues, and talks etc; but people can also bring large marquees and build their own villages and stuff