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I'm one of the organisers of a three-day camping festival for the maker movement and am interested in your venue as a potential location. If you're not already aware of the maker community, these articles on maker culture and related events might give you a better idea of what we're about:

An introduction to Maker culture in the Economist (with a focus on US communities):

About the Maker Faire, a popular international event for makers and creators to "celebrate arts, crafts, engineering, science projects and the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) mindset". (We are not formally affiliated with them, but we share many contacts.)

Our plan is to use the venue for just over a week, with the actual event taking three days and the rest of the time allocated for setup/tear down. We are planning to have talks and workshops throughout the event, so any enclosed areas would be advantageous.

We're looking for a venue that can accommodate the following:

  • 250-500 people camping, varying on what the venue can accommodate
  • Between June 1st and September 8th 2012
  • Permission for an alcohol and music licence on-site (we would acquire the license)

If this sounds like your venue, we'd love to have a chat about taking it further.

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