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Lots of the computers around the space are quite long in the tooth. It would be good to replace them with things slightly less long in the tooth.

End Goal

  • 1 Server (to replace babbage)
  • 2 Workstations
  • 1 Computer for the touch table

Things to do

  • Find out the type of RAM that is in each computer
  • Check PCIe capacities for graphics cards
  • Catalog hard disks and figure out what goes where
  • Save useful data
  • Run stress tests on potential systems (e.g. light-grey Dennis)

Current Computers

  • 2x Dennis - Light grey seems like a useful system if stable
  • Lovelace - Useful in it's entirety
  • Difference - Ram might be useful
  • Babbage - Probably not useful at all
  • Computer from Steff - not in space yet!
  • Silver computer - needs power supply fitting/modding


Sometime after Christmas