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Vivarium Monitoring System - Asc

I needed a system to monitor the temperature and humidity of a vivarium (a tortoise house!).


  • Have a screen that I can easily see
  • Display both temp and humidity
  • Beep and flash when things are awry
  • Have a way to temporarily disable the alarm whilst working on the vivarium
  • 3 Sensors (room, in heat, out of heat)
  • The less cables the better
  • Be configurable without needing to connect to a computer
  • and most of all PUT IT ON THE INTERWEBNETS! (for the world to see, for me to control, and to receive warnings)


After looking through my box of parts I decided to use the following.

  • Nanode - for base sensor monitoring and internet mojo,
  • Using three DHT-11 temperature and humidity sensors, simple and accurate enough,
  • A blinkm as a warning light system,
  • A peizo to beep,
  • A PoE injecter and ejactulater to get power over an ethernet cable,
  • Using 3.5mm headphone cables and sockets for the sensor cabling,
  • A LAMP backend for long term logging,
  • A screen and user interface.

What does this all mean - 3 arduinos = more roarsome = way overkill project!

All that is left is the case which I can magic up on a laser cutter.

Proof of Concept

To see how it all goes I threw a proof of concept setup together without all the internet magic and simply using a vanilla arduino:
YouTube Video