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The idea is this: We hold regular competitions where teams use the hackspace achieve some kind of construction goal in a time-boxed period. Teams will be given a design brief and then will have to design, implement, and refine their solution against the clock.

Team solutions will then be judged and the winning team with get some kind of prize.

Similar ideas:

  • It's a bit like a non-televised version of The Great Egg Race with more electronics.
  • Or a small scale Scrap Heap Challenge but not limited to mechanical engineering.
  • Also a bit like a Hack day but with the results existing in meat-space and with organised teams.
  • Or a more geeky Design Smash - with less emphasis on 'design' and I am guessing more beer and less wine.


  1. Because it will be fun and sociable!
  2. Publicity - something to blog/tweet about
  3. Showcase what can be done in the space
  4. Transfer skills and learn new things

Other thoughts

  • Hold it monthly/quarterly?
  • Run at weekends to allow sufficient time.
  • Inter-hackspace challenges - London vs Build-Brighton etc.


  • Hackspace Eggrace
  • Scraphack Challenge
  • Hackrace
  • Hackspace Challenge
  • Hack Club ("The 1st rule of Hack Club is, feel free to talk about Hack Club")

Interested parties