Projects:Upgrading the Dusty Workshop

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Confirmed volunteers

  • From mailing list
    • Antonio
    • Will
    • Felix
    • Henry Sands
    • Dean Forbes
    • Aleks Koralewski
    • Mr. Ed
    • Paddy

To do list

  • Move lathe
  • Sort out the new table saw
    • Commission 3-phase wiring <- Paddy
    • Commission ACNode <- tgreer?
    • Build fences, blade guard, dust extraction
  • Sell, return to owners, or donate unneeded table saws.
  • Keep extra scroll saw for spares or as a back-up.
  • remove the tables against the far wall (currently supporting portable tables saws and sander
  • remove or move lathe to a smaller, more convenient bench area (requiring re-mounting of its motor - a non-trivial exercise)
  • the bandsaw will remain where it currently is, but rotated so the column faces the wall for each of working
  • dust extraction installed to all machines (will require a pledge for pipes and potentially another extractor)

The main idea behind the proposals is to make as much working space as possible in the woodshop, with the focus on encouraging the use of dusty and noisy machinery in there. Assembly, gluing, varnishing and other wood-related activity can be performed in the main basement area on the new workbenches. The planer and router-table will move out from the wall for use. Benches on the left as you enter will support sanding needs, the pillar drill, chop saw, potentially the lathe.

Time line