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Imperials 2014 iGEM protocol

Books on methods

Electroporation and Electrofusion of Membranes (D.S. DIMITROV)

Some technical notes on electroporation;

Lightning triggered electroporation

optimizing electroporation

"Electroporation and Electrofusion utilize high voltage, short duration electrical pulses to temporarily create pores in a cell membrane to allow the transfer of molecules or to fuse membranes together. The composition of cell membranes can differ between cell lines. This difference can affect the transfection or transformation parameters needed for successful electroporation. The ability to adjust the parameters using the BTX systems will ensure the highest transfection or transformation rates possible. The following are guidelines for determining ideal electroporation parameters."

Pulse generators for electroporation

fairly old doc, but covers some parameters and manufacturers

Design of a MOSFET-Based Pulsed Power Supply for Electroporation

Some circuits for pulsed electric fields

"This section discusses current knowledge in the application of pulsed electric fields as a method of non-thermal food preservation. It includes mechanisms of inactivation, studies on microbial inactivation, critical process factors, and future research needs. Detailed descriptions of pilot and laboratory-scale equipment and their use in food preservation are also covered."

methods for gene therapy

There are some notes here

""If you have ever worked out the price of an electroporation cuvette you will realise that, at several dollars each, they are worth recycling. Accounts on how amenable electroporation cuvettes are to recycling vary, but I find that as long as you treat them well it is possible to use single cuvette many times. [...] "" See

Recycling cuvettes