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Pub visiting group - be it as pub crawls or one offs this is a chance to see a range of the excellent pubs around London with people from the space.


No idea, most likely weekends for crawls and midweek for one offs.


Anyone over 18

Currently Proposed


For the weekends and ruining your week with hangovers:

  • The Samuel Smiths; there are possibly 22 of these pubs within walking/single bus ride distance of each other around Central London. They all serve the same stuff but it's pretty good, cheap and housed in some lovely buildings (for example the Cittie of York on High Holborn). One downside is that Samuel Smith's refuse to publish a list of all their pubs but various crawls do exist (like this one)
  • The Circle Line, (WARNING: may cause Cyrosis): this is the grandaddy of London pub crawls and is even harder since the expansion of the circle line, basically at every stop get out, find a pub and drink, all in 12 hours.
  • Monopoly pub crawl: find a Monopoly board, go to every location listed: drink.

One offs

For a quiet evening and possibly making it to work the next day:


Where we've been and when.

One offs

  • The Southampton Arms: A lovely pub on Highgate Road. From their wall "Ale, Cider, Meat" and that's pretty much what they do: serve an impressively large range of real ales and ciders (and only from independent breweries) as well as lovely forms of bar food.