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Either 2E0RLZ or M0SKF (Delete as appropriate) had the idea of documenting who had programming cables for which radio, with a view to loaning them out.

Members may be willing to loan their cable, may require a deposit, or may wish to supervise you whilst its in use. Loaning out cables is completely at the owners discretion.

If you'd like to add your cable to the list, edit the Wiki page. If a cable type is already listed, you can add yours below it, but I don't think we need 2 list any more than 2 of each type.


Manufacturer Model Owner Currently Held By Date Checked Out Due Date for return Notes
Tait TM8100 Series Marrold M0SKF - - This is the cable with the RJ45 plug for the TM8110/8115. If you have a TM8105 I can supply a suitable DB9 adapter
TYT MD380 / 390 Marrold - - - Passive cable with 2 pin Kenwood style connector. Possibly works with other radios sharing the pinout.
Connect Systems / BFDX CS-580 Marrold - - - Proprietary Connector, only works with CS-580
AnyTone AT-D868UV Marrold - - - Unsure if passive or active. Uses 2 pin Kenwood style connector
Baofeng GT-3, UV-5R, BF-888, probably all Kenwood style Bafoengs Marrold - - - This one has a serial chip that seems to behave with Windows. Other cheap nasty ones I've purchased don't work.