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Title of the SOP

    • this is the formatting for a wikitable which is more for consistency with the printed SOP document which will need this info to be included and signed off as part of the whole QA malarky...

Also, if any section isn't required it can be left out and reduce the subsequent section numbers accordingly..

Author: Approved by: S. Thompson SOP No. LBL0
Signed: Signed: Effective from:
Date: Date: Last edited:

1. Purpose

    • general description of the SOP purpose

2. Scope

    • the extent of the SOP in terms of to what equipment and procedures it applies, also when and where (which will always be at all times in the LBL lab).

3. Responsibilities

    • for who is the procedure relevant, typically the operator and anyone present while it's carried out, it's also worth mentioning the risks here and that the operator is responsible for their health and safety and that of anyone else present during the procedure.

4. Materials

    • Are there any extra materials required, in the case of operating an instrument, peice of equipment or in a molecular biology procedure this might be consumables, reagents, chemicals or other instrumentation, e.g pipets. Any special PPE can be mentioned here.

5. Related documents

    • Are other SOPs (or other documents within our framework) related to this procedure. If so then listing them here can be useful, for example the media prep SOP might be relevant when carrying out the transformation procedures and it saves time to link it here rather than describe the preparation of media in every procedure where it is used (bit like an include/import/use lol).

6. Definitions

    • Any useful glossary stuff

e.g: SOP = Standard Operating Procedure

7. Procedures

    • 7.1 The actual steps of the procedure go here ...
       7.1.1 They can be embeded/indented as much as is reasonably helpful to describe the procedure step by step
    • 7.2 It should be written in such a way that it would help anyone new to the lab to perform the procedure without having prior expertise.

8. Resources

    • This is where eternal useful documention can be linked, much like the references section in any academic paper.