Screenprinting Workshop

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The workshop takes place on Saturdays (Single day class) from 12:00pm - 6:00pm in Craft/Workshop area of the London Hackspace.Example.jpg

Workshops Available:

Print Workshop

This a one day workshop priced at £45. The aim of the workshop is to get you up to a standard that allows you to print on your own screenprints in the Hackspace and at home. In this workshop you will learn the following printing techniques: Stencil printing Hand Drawn printing Photo Emulsion printing These lessons are taught by Antonio Mirav so you will always learn new tips and tricks of the craft in the process. By the end of the workshop you will produce an A4 image, aprox 6 copies.

Textile Workshop

We run two t-shirt printing workshops a month. The set up for the day is the same as the print workshop except we do it on t-shirts or totebags. The workshop is £45 p/p and you need to bring your own t-shirts or totebags with you! WE DONT SUPPLY THESE! The reason being is that it keeps the cost of the workshop down. Please bring 4 items (t-shirt or totebag) with you and 1 t-shirt or totebag for testing out on, this can be an old t-shirt with an image on or an old bag. The items must be 100% cotton to absorb the ink so double check before you bring along. A good place to get bags who are cheap and very good.