Stratasys FDM 1650/tgreer

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tgreer's attempt to make the Stratasys work. Start Date: 28/05/14 Potential PSU: 30A 24V £50



  • Adjusted Z-axis now doing ~100mm when told to.
  • Checked wiring for X/Y axis. X axis wired. Flipped axis direction in configuration.h
  • Y axis is playing up.


  • Made wooden box for RAMBo board
  • Fitted RAMBo to box and box into stratasys.
  • Temp secured power supply to stratasys.
  • Wired mains via keyswitch for power control.
  • Tested Thermistors, around 115k at room temp.
  • Flashed Marlin firmware to RAMBo board, board 301, thermistors disabled.
  • Wired Z-Axis and is moving


  • Located RAMBo board.
  • Located 12V 3A power supply to test steppers with.


  • Cleared all the stuff out of the Stratasys
  • Traced cables and labelled them
    • X Axis Stepper
    • Y Axis Stepper
    • Z Axis Stepper
    • Z Axis End-Stop
    • Rear Fans
    • Build Area Temp Probe
    • Left side heater elements
    • Left side heater fans
    • Right side heater elements
  • Appears to be 4 wires coming from X/Y Axis Stepper area, but they don't appear to do anything regardless of the position of the X/Y Axis. Possibly end stops.
  • RamBo board appears to be AWOL. Will have to communicate with Chris.