Good news - we're open for limited services in Wembley. Ujima House is now actively under refurbishment and we'd love your help in making the space the best it can be.

Please pay attention to the main LHS mailing list or pop into our #london-hack-space IRC channel and say hello.

During this interim period donations and continued membership are greatly appreciated while we transition to our new space.


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Wanted: 'approved' copy that members can use for the purposes of publicity.


PiratePad - 'About London Hackspace draft'


The 'About' copy has been used in the following locations - please update them if you change the text:


  • Suitable for use in publicity materials
  • Copy and Paste friendly for:
    • Emails
    • Blog posts
    • Flyers
    • Other printed media
  • Self contained - i.e. not spread out over a number of wiki pages.
  • Not too detailed - broad enough to convey the potential of the space to interested parties.
  • Needs broad appeal - i.e. for people who wouldn't normally think of themselves as a 'hacker'.


  • What we do as an organization - an introduction
  • Background(?) how long the space has been going - how it has grown.
  • What members have done and can do at the space - what we have re: facilities is enough I think.
  • The size of the space and approximate number of members
  • Facilities that we have
    • Software/Programming
    • Electronics
    • Workshop - Wood/Metal work
    • 3D printing
    • Sewing
  • Where we are (roughly) - Shoreditch
  • Basic membership structure - i.e. you pay for full membership but visitors are welcome