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Wanted: 'approved' copy that members can use for the purposes of publicity.


PiratePad - 'About London Hackspace draft'


The 'About' copy has been used in the following locations - please update them if you change the text:


  • Suitable for use in publicity materials
  • Copy and Paste friendly for:
    • Emails
    • Blog posts
    • Flyers
    • Other printed media
  • Self contained - i.e. not spread out over a number of wiki pages.
  • Not too detailed - broad enough to convey the potential of the space to interested parties.
  • Needs broad appeal - i.e. for people who wouldn't normally think of themselves as a 'hacker'.


  • What we do as an organization - an introduction
  • Background(?) how long the space has been going - how it has grown.
  • What members have done and can do at the space - what we have re: facilities is enough I think.
  • The size of the space and approximate number of members
  • Facilities that we have
    • Software/Programming
    • Electronics
    • Workshop - Wood/Metal work
    • 3D printing
    • Sewing
  • Where we are (roughly) - Shoreditch
  • Basic membership structure - i.e. you pay for full membership but visitors are welcome